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Real Estate Media Company

STUDIO12 was established in 2019. We are a media company providing the Greater Chattanooga area with listing photos, videos, virtual tours, and much more. Our Mission is to provide agents with quality media packages to stand out among the local marketplace. Our Core Values consist of Excellence, generosity, and Legacy. We provide Excellent service and quality and meet challenges with a positive mindset. We are Generous with our time and talent and look for ways to serve our community. We are creating a Legacy by operating our business to strengthen our commitment to family, the community, and the clients that put their trust in us.

STUDIO12 has a Quality and Delivery GUARANTEE

If you have gone through our process and are not satisfied with your media package, we offer our 100% money-back guarantee. We also pledge our next-day delivery guarantee on our Real Estate media packages.


Nicholas Schwartz


Haley Hamblen

Creative Expert

Adam Brawner

Creative Expert

Jacob O’neil

Creative Expert


Silver Winner

Nature Photography – Aerial/Drone