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This is the solid foundation to a great listing. Vyvid Imagery offers interior and exterior photography of residential or commercial properties. Our mission is to deliver professional, tasteful, high-quality images showcasing your property in 24 hours for standard real estate shoots. We want to assist as much as possible and speak with you about twilight, sunrise, or sunset shoots because they provide the optimal light for photography.

Every home and commercial property is unique. As a residential or commercial real estate agent, we believe you know these properties better than we do! Our process for property photography starts before our scheduled shoots. We ask for location and a brief summary of the property, which ensures effective and optimal shooting.

Once on-site, a walkthrough with the agent or owner is requested to see firsthand what features and areas are the best to make sure enough time is allotted for photographing. Lighting is key and space is king. Most of our work is done using a wide variety of high-end photography lenses and a sturdy tripod. We go around each room and look for the best composition to showcase, letting space speak for itself.


HDR photos are another genre of real estate photography in itself, showcasing the beauties of nature, portraits, and other art pieces. The idea here is to expose everything properly so that shadows aren’t so dark and highlights aren’t so bright. We’re talking about the Goldilocks zone of exposure. In certain situations, we highly recommend it, but in the end, it’s a matter of personal preference. Our DSLR cameras take 3 to 5 images continuously, all with different shutter speeds. We process these images so that each part of the photos is properly exposed. HDR makes the biggest difference on a sunny day, or at sunrise and sunset if direct light is facing the frame. To see the difference between a single photo and HDR photos, check the images below! Slide to the right to see HDR, slide to the left to see the single. 

NON-HDR ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— HDR