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Real estate videography levels up your marketing as a trusted agent. We provide the tools to help you effectively market your listing along with marketing yourself. Everything is sold online nowadays, so you need to sell your personal brand the same way! Reach out to us today to learn more about our videography process, and win more clients tomorrow!

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Our residential real estate videos are designed to let each home shine in all its glory. Over 85% of home buyers start searching for a home online, yet a small fraction of them attends Open House events. Why? Convenience. With a Home Tour potential buyers have access to the most convenient option besides an open house, available 24/7. They are more realistic and can increase showings for qualified, serious buyers.  

Our videos are designed for sharing on social media and personal websites. Watch as these videos get shared and viewed by people all over. Most importantly, we incorporate your branding with a call to action, so that they know who to come to when it comes to finding their dream home.   

If you haven’t already, please send our preshoot checklist to your sellers, or read it if you will be doing the staging/cleaning yourself. Please have the house photo ready. Pretty please?

Every home is unique. Due to this simple fact, we do not use a template approach to creating home tours. You can be as hands on or off as you’d like to with us in this process. We know what we’re doing and can make an incredible showcase video with no direction. If there are specific needs you or your sellers have, these have to be address pre-shoot. Are there areas you’d like for us to focus on? Are there specific features you want showcased that we may miss without being told? Do you care if the video is fast paced or do you want it to be slow and steady? These are just examples. The best place to tell us is in the “additional comments” section while booking a video package or emailing us at after booking a video package. If there are specific things you want in your video and we are not told about them before filming or before we leave, we can do a reshoot but there will be a charge for it.


Music also tends to be quite a tricky part of the process. It is quite subjective! If you have a specific genre, artist or even song you’d like for us to use in the video, this should ideally be spoken about even before we film. We have a music license on If you trust our judgement, we will pick a fitting song for the style of home we’re shooting. A modern home gets modern, edgier music. A contemporary home gets more contemporary music. If STUDIO12 chooses the song, it WILL NOT be changed after we start editing the video. The pace and cuts to our videos are heavily based on the song. We do not create our pricing based off of having to choose a new song after editing has already begun. If you aren’t familiar with editing, it may be a lot more work than you might imagine.